About St.Joseph's Residential School

    St.Joseph's Residential School- is a Co - Educational English Medium School, Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education situated at Chennai - Bangalore National Highway, Sriperumbudur. The School was founded by Rev. Fr. Dr. J.E.Arul Raj, and is run by the Society of DMI (Daughters of Mary Immaculate).It is full pledged school with classes from Std I to Std XII. The School shows the remarkable Commitment to groom the Child to be mentally, emotionally and physically fit. It aims to provide quality education to excel in his / her chosen field and face global challenges.

Our Vision

    By cultivating the right attitude, students are guided to a disciplined life with a strong urge to achieve academic Excellence, to develop right attitudes using advanced technologies to strike a balance between global harmony & human wellbeing.

Our Mission

    Harnessing the gains of Scientific advancement towards betterment of youth in their pursuit to equip the mind, body and soul through qualitative Education, Scientific Experimentation towards forming right values to achieve personal perfection.

Mission Achieved

  • Provides excellent facilities and Infrastructure.
  • Has qualified and Experienced Staff.
  • Has a vast greener campus for good atmosphere.
  • Helps the Students to be in touch with latest developments.
  • Exposes the Students and Staff for Workshops, Seminars and Conferences at State and National level.
  • Granting Educational Scholarships to the needy students for society’s upliftment.
  • Helping Students to receive career guidance in all areas.
  • Encourages Students to involve in Extra-curricular activities to achieve physical.

Mission Statements

  • To develop communication skills of the Students.
  • To Educate them about the abuse of mobile phones.
  • To develop reading habits, as reading habit is slowly disintegrated due to browsing and internet.
  • Discovery and development of one’s talents and abilities
  • Add new technologically potent software to help children understand the content well in teaching learning process.
  • Upgrade the middle school laboratories with innovative devices / apparatus.
  • Intensive Exposure to online competitions and Examinations.
  • Exposing the students to complex situations to enable them to apply their knowledge to solve the problems.

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Final Mission Statement 1 :

  • To fix impressive Syllabus and knowledge based Charts, Models and flexes in class rooms to make the Students understand the grammar concepts, Scientific Concepts, Socio Economic concepts, mathematical derivations and attitude and value development slogans.

Final Mission Statement 2 :

  • These flexes and charts are to be preserved for next year with another set of replacement aids for term 2 and 3.

Final Mission Statement 3 :

  • Encourage and Expose the students to real Experiences by organizing factory, market, bank and airport visits.

Final Mission Statement 4 :

  • To make learning enjoyable with activity-based-learning.

Final Mission Statement 5 :

  • To make all the students realise the importance of improving their vocabulary, grammar and Spoken language skills in English.

Final Mission Statement 6 :

  • To orient the teachers to brush up counselling on drugs, mobile phone abuse, manners & etiquettes etc. during class room interaction.

Final Mission Statement 7 :

  • To orient the teachers to face the challenges of the modern Students who are getting diverted from studies through mass media’s impact.